Sun Certified Enterprise Architect


SCEA certification is for practising and aspiring enterprise architects responsible for architecture and design of Java EE compliant applications with an emphasis on making the best use of Java EE features to create flexible, scalable, secure designs.

SCEA Certification Benefits:

The SCEA certification "signifies that its holders can handle advanced design responsibilities and lead roles in creating applications. To succeed, SCEA candidates must demonstrate a deep understanding of appropriate uses of modern design architecture and current Java EE technologies for business applications." (Ed Tittel and Dr. Bill Brogden)
  • Demonstrate to your employer, peers & customers that you are proficient in Java Technologies Architecture and use industry-respected best practices.
  • Improve your knowledge and skills using the process of achieving the certification and hence deliver better results.
  • Enhance your salary, job opportunities and credibility through this respected credential.  

SCEA Certification Target Audience:

This exam is for enterprise architects responsible for architecting and designing Java Platform, Enterprise Edition technology-compliant applications that are scalable, flexible, and highly secure. This exam is designed for candidates with experience in the following areas (typically 5 or more years: Application design: concepts and principles, common architectures, integration and messaging, business-tier technologies, web-tier technologies, Java EE technology, patterns and security.

SCEA Certification Exam Objectives:

  • Application Design Concepts and Principles
  • Common Architectures
  • Integration and Messaging
  • Business Tier Technologies
  • Web Tier Technologies
  • Applicability of Java EE Technology 
  • Patterns
  • Security. 
These discussed in detail in chapter SCEA Exam Objectives on this website.

SCEA Certification Exam Details:

  • Delivered at: Authorized Worldwide Prometric Testing Centers
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Other exams/assignments required for this certification: Step 2 (CX-310-301A), Step 3 (CX-310-062)
  • Exam type: Multiple choice, and drag-n-drop
  • Number of questions: 64
  • Pass score: 57% (37 out of 64 questions)
  • Time limit: 120 minutes