2.1. Business Delegate

Business Delegate reduces coupling between remote tiers and provides an entry point for accessing remote services in the business tier. A Business Delegate might also cache data as necessary to improve performance. A Business Delegate encapsulates a Session Façade and maintains a one-to-one relationship with that Session Façade. An Application Service uses a Business Delegate to invoke a Session Façade. The Business Delegate pattern hides the complexity of remote communication with business components from the client. 

UML representation


The following lists the benefits of using the Business Delegate pattern:
  • Minimizes coupling of clients to business services
  • Hides remoteness
  • Improves performance

When to Use

You should use the Business Delegate pattern when you:
  • Want to encapsulate access to business services from multiple client types
  • Translate exceptions into application exceptions
  • Hide details of service creation