2.3. Session Facade

Session Façade provides coarse-grained services to the clients by hiding the complexities of the business service interactions. A Session Façade might invoke several Application Service implementations or Business Objects. A Session Façade can also encapsulate a Value List Handler. The Session Façade pattern provides a coarse-grained service of business components to remote clients. This is the same as a Façade pattern as described in GOF Design Patterns, but just provides an interface to a service instead of code. 

UML representation


The following lists the benefits of using the Session Facade pattern:
  • Reduces the number of calls to the business component from the client
  • Reduces coupling between the tiers
  • Improves performance by reducing fine-grained calls from client
  • Provides a cleaner API to the client

When to Use

  • You should use the Session Facade pattern when:
  • You have a series of calls to make to business components from the client.