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3. Integration Tier Patterns

Integration Tier Patterns

  • Data Access Object enables loose coupling between the business and resource tiers. Data Access Object encapsulates all the data access logic to create, retrieve, delete, and update data from a persistent store. Data Access Object uses Transfer Object to send and receive data.
  • Service Activator enables asynchronous processing in your enterprise applications using JMS. A Service Activator can invoke Application Service, Session Façade or Business Objects. You can also use several Service Activators to provide parallel asynchronous processing for long running tasks.
  • Domain Store provides a powerful mechanism to implement transparent persistence for your object model. It combines and links several other patterns including Data Access Objects.
  • Web Service Broker exposes and brokers one or more services in your application to external clients as a web service using XML and standard web protocols. A Web Service Broker can interact with Application Service and Session Façade. A Web Service Broker uses one or more Service Activators to perform asynchronous processing of a request.