JBoss releases JBoss AS 6.0 GA

posted 5 Jan 2011, 14:13 by Sanjeev Kumar   [ updated 16 Nov 2011, 21:09 ]
Almost two years after shipping their Java EE 5 product and a year after the release of Java EE 6, RedHat has now released JBoss 6.0, a Java EE 6 Web Profile product. Just before the new year, JBoss finalized its JBoss AS 6 application server with a GA release. Highlights of the release are:
  • enhancements for Java EE 6
  • improved handing of JSF
  • upgrades or changes to many of the included libraries like Hibernate and caching
  • it is now Java EE 6 Web Profile compliance
  • swapped out their JBoss Cache implementation with Infinispan. Infinispan is an "extremely scalable, highly available data grid platform" that isn't just a cache but also serves as a distributed compute platform
  • the version of Hibernate supported by JBoss has been upgraded to 3.6.0, a compliant implementation of JPA 2.0
  • swapped google-collections for Google Guava and inclusion of RESTEasy, an implementation of JAX-RS for writing RESTful web services.
  • JBoss now fixed all known issues with IPv6.