JDK 7 Release Date

posted 1 Dec 2010, 10:59 by Sanjeev Kumar   [ updated 1 Dec 2010, 13:56 ]
The high-level schedule expects JDK 7 to be feature complete by mid-December, the first release candidate built by May 2011, and the full release at the end of July 2011. The milestone schedule will be updated on the OpenJDK 7 website soon.

Mark Reinhold has posted in his blog that four Java Specification Requests that have been submitted for review by the Java Community Process:
  1. JSR 334 - Small Enhancements to the JavaTM Programming Language (Project Coin)
  2. JSR 335 - Lambda Expressions for the Java Programming Language (Closures)
  3. JSR 336 - Java SE 7 Release Contents (JDK 7)
  4. JSR 337 - Java SE 8 Release Contents
It's great to hear that things are moving forward and hopefully we can see JDK 7 in 2011 as planned.