JRockit is free!

posted 24 May 2011, 21:47 by Sanjeev Kumar   [ updated 16 Nov 2011, 21:05 ]
Finally JRockit is no longer tied to Oracle products: you can download it for what look like the same terms as the old Sun JDK. JRockit is way faster then HotSpot after a suitable warmup period.


JRockit is known to be more efficient and super fast as compared to Sun JDK in production environments. JRockit's garbage collector is really nice, too; it can be made predictable, which is something that's bugged the Sun JVM users for years.

Mission Control and Real time still are commercial offerings. Well worth it, though, and I'm really happy to see JRockit free. Looks like you need an Oracle Network login to get it, still, though.